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PVA water roller, sounded the alarm of environmental governance haze

News about the North haze pollution in recent days, a time of atmospheric environmental problems has aroused heated debate. In fact, with China's rapid economic development, environmental pollution problems have become increasingly prominent. 45 period will be included in the construction of ecological civilization target for five years, visible countries on environmental attitude and determination, so you can foresee the next few years the environmental protection industry will usher in a period of rapid development.
The alarm sounded haze of environmental governance and environmental protection industry usher in development opportunities
By the winter Northern cities burning coal heating, and long time static stability weather and other factors, since the beginning of November, fog and haze attacked many northern cities, including Shenyang is PM2.5 concentration burst table, regional PM2.5 index topped 1400 (micrograms / cubic meter). In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy at the same time, high energy consumption and high pollution production caused great harm to our environment, environmental problems have become increasingly severe. Along with the North haze is expected to focus on the outbreak, environmental protection industry will usher in rapid development. Refers to the environmental protection industry in the national economy structure, to prevent environmental pollution, improve the ecological environment. A series of work of protection of natural resources, including product development, commercial circulation, information services and project contracting activities. The analysis of the current situation that China's environmental problems, remediation, wastewater treatment and soil atmosphere is the current China's environmental protection industry areas of focus.
Among them, the atmosphere of governance can solve the problem of air pollution, haze is one of them. In the haze of the rampant situation, air pollution control will be paid more attention in the environmental protection work. In the future, air pollution control industry chain, the company can in the following four areas the Nuggets: the air quality testing, air testing equipment manufacturers will benefit; second, air purifier, this kind of product market has been opened, with the haze and the continuing role, the future is still larger space for development; third, dust control, atmospheric dust and industrial dust processing enterprises will usher in the development; fourth, nitrogen oxide and sulfide pollution control, mainly related to sulfide stock enterprises.
Sewage treatment field for life sewage and industrial sewage treatment two categories, in view of the urban sewage treatment rate has soared, the future of industrial wastewater will become focus on prevention, water ten also put forward relevant requirements. At present, the domestic enterprises engaged in industrial wastewater treatment with Tianjin membrane technology, Wan Bangda etc.. In addition, in sewage treatment field, the PPP mode for the cooperation between the government and the social capital is highly respected, it is expected that Baan water and clean water sources has received PPP orders of water companies in the future have a rapid development.
Soil remediation is technical measures to contaminated soil to return to normal function. Compared with the other two environmental protection work, soil remediation currently in the domestic environmental protection industry accounted for a very small proportion, and even less than 1%, far less than the proportion of foreign developed cities in 30% to 50%, and the soil environmental condition is not optimistic, data display, the national soil pollution exceeded the rate of 16.1%. In the country to vigorously promote the comprehensive development of environmental protection industry in the background, is expected to soil remediation industry will become a blue ocean. The first half of 2015, China's environmental protection industry revenue 112 billion 79 million yuan, an increase of 8.61%. In national policy behind the government and social capital cooperation (PPP), the third party governance mechanism and constantly improve, market and social forces into increasing trend of development, is expected in the next few years, China will form 8 million to 10 trillion yuan of environmental protection market scale, the environmental protection industry gradually become China's new economic point of growth.

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